Thursday, November 05, 2009


has anyone seen monsters vs. aliens?
we have.  
and in my best gallaxhar voice, i feel "LAME."
still sick.  it comes in waves.
feel a little better... wait a minute ... feel worse... (repeat)
at least there is a lot of pola love to be had this week. 
and soup.
oh and i just saw kellen over here! (thanks ladies)
giving his wishes wings....


Katy said...

Very nice Pola picks!

Char said...

so much lovin' in those shots

feel better soon honey bunny

Anonymous said...

i know, i'm just crazy happy over 'roid week.

sure do hope you feel better soon.....wish i could make you some healing soup momma. be good to yourself....

jodi said...

boooooo. hope you start feeling better for real very soon.

but yay for 'roid week!!!