Friday, November 13, 2009

our day

today we did many things.
most of them mundane.
video store to return movies.
filled the gas tank.
went to the library and got a new stack of books to read (love that).
washed the car.
came home to check what should have been my simmering crock pot of goodness, only to find that i had somehow  bumped the cord and it was not cooking all those hours.  (sadness)
fixed crock pot mishap.
picked up kellen at school.
came home and made an apple pie with my 2 favorite little people. 
lots of flour for them to play with and apple slices to sneak.
the pie honestly wound up being so~so.
but we tried.
that counts.
here is the story of our pie...  in pictures.../

happy weekend everyone


Relyn said...

Isn't life wonderful the way that all our little mundane moments, done with great love, add up to such a satisfying life? I'd say you learned this secret a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

the apple pie looks divine! looks like alot of fun.

Jeanne said...

I love your slide show of your pie. What a great idea and beautifully done!

daniela said...

oooh, love the tour of the apple pie. it's the next best thing! and so sorry about the crock pot news. i was so looking forward to that pot roast :)

Elizabeth said...

I loved watching the creation of your apple pie. How wonderful to see it come into being. Looks tasty too...