Wednesday, November 11, 2009


after sharing with you the walk i made for dani,  i need to share the walk she took for us in return.  a true gift.  one i can open again and again and again.  
it is enchanting.
so lush
so green
so alive
and beautiful.
just like her.
one day, yes one day,  i will take this walk with her in person.

but for now we walk here -----> View slideshow


littlehouse said...

These are SO wonderful :)

daniela said...

it was one of the most inspired walks i've ever taken because i was with you :) xo

spread your wings said...

what a great idea - to take someone on a walk in photos.
i watched both of your walks - they helped me escape for a moment.

packing supplies said...

This place is so enchanting and beautiful just like paradise with flowing of lake and sweet voices of cuckoo and nightingale.walking around lush green forest and feeling so relaxed and contented.I also want to join you walking in this peaceful place.