Friday, November 20, 2009

right now

right now i am loving~
tiny pine cones
my boy and his constant stick (as soon as we arrive home from school he finds one and he traipses around our yard and woods til it is near dark and his cheeks are so rosy) 
mugs and mugs of warm mulled cider
this mild november weather
casey's little fake ugg boots
dressing in layers
noticing sand on my shoes from our walk the other night
frosty mornings with bright sunshine 
all the walks going on over here
good hugs from my boys
quiet moments
kellen's handprint turkeys
pomplamoose , especially this song 
anticipating next week's feast (my most favorite meal of the year hand's down)
glow of candles on these early dark nights
the warmth of home and who i share it all with.
all little things that equal good stuff.

then there is  THIS ,  this had me laughing so hard.
gotta love the 80's!
happy friday.  :)


gkgirl said...

heeheehee...loved the 80's video...
made me nostalgic for the
good ole 20 minute workout,

and fantastic list...
especially the part about your
boy and the stick
i have a boy like that, too...

daniela said...

love your gratitude and the things that fill your heart. a wonderful list indeed momma.

Nancy said...

this post makes me want to grab my camera, force my 15 year old son to take a walk with me in the woods, cook a big dinner, light some candles and sit back with some cider. thanks for the inspiration. it's saturday, maybe i'll do just that.

Alis said...

This is possibly the most quintessential little boy shot/commentary i have ever seen. Beautifully captured.

The light makes me ache for New England. ~ sigh ~