Thursday, December 17, 2009

fa la la la love

mmmmmm yes i have many loves this week on flickr.
so many i need 2 mosaics.
 i even scored some sweet love for my hands today too.
"X O"  just like the mittens say! 
 :) happy love thursday


Michelle said...

Gorgeous inspired me to go make one of my own! I love to browse through my Flickr faves...and others' as well. There are some amazingly talented people on that


Shalet said...

Your mosaics are indeed wonderful. I have one up today too but not nearly so pretty as yours. My camera has taken a second seat to life. I need to get her back up and at 'em!

XO to you too!

Char said...

there is some wonderful lovin' in those

Emom said...

Love it all!
I especially love basset hounds...I have had 2, Sam and Fred, brothers...sadly gone.
what is this one's name?

Kate Kelleher Blue Sky Butterfly Studio said...

haha! Gorgeous photography as usual. Love your dog and the winter lights. Merry Christmas! x

Anonymous said...

i do love those mittens!

Anonymous said...

Very awesome!

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Gorgeous...lovey collections.
-thank goodness for FLICKR!

Suvarna said...

so many light filled images, beautiful!

kristen said...

your mosaics are always so inspiring...there's something really magical about that crisp, wintery blue.