Monday, January 18, 2010

an auction for aid

i entered this print in the Charity Print Auctions for Haiti, Red Cross Relief fund.
all you need to do if interested is follow this link to my photo on flickr.
place your bid amount in the comments thread there (not here on my blog).
auction ends this thursday at midnight EST.
highest bidder will receive either a 5x5 or 8x8 (winner's choice)  of this print on professional matte paper.
thank you.

*** if you have never required the help of the red cross you are blessed.  i once was the recipient of such aid.  march 13 1993 my mom and i lost everything in the storm of the century on the coast of FL.  the red cross truck fed us, and all affected towns, every day twice a day for over a month.  that little van was a welcome sight each day.  i was also 7 months pregnant with my daughter taylor.  the woman in the red cross van noticed this right away and saved me anyone's unwanted fruit every day.  they are the real deal people.  please give. 


Karen L R said...

i have just stumbled over here somehow, and will come back. :-) lovely blog.

i had both my knees replaced a few years back and had a very rough time slowing down my usual pace. letting go to heal is not easy, but worth it. i'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea!

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