Thursday, January 21, 2010

for you

just in case you forgot..

happy love thursday.
after many days of snow and a colorless sky, the sun is here and making the snow sparkle.  
i am totally loving something new!
i am not much of a technology girl.
i never have my cell phone on.
i rarely ever use it.
my laptop is 80% mystery to me.
i am pretty much technology challenged,  and i am really ok with that.  
but just yesterday i needed to open a skype account for this lovely project.
since yesterday i have 'skyped' with 3 fabulous flickr friends via my lap top!  skype is free video calling.  so now these fabulous ladies i have only known via emails,  are bright and live and funny and in person right here on my lap top!  so today, even i have to admit,  technology is pretty darn awesome.  
maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.

(now that i think about it, the beckoning of lovely has brought this something lovely into my life i never would have done if it hadn't been for them.  that is really kind of awesome.)

update....  i  have now bridged the gap with 5 friends now and the world feel much much smaller.  so happy.


Carrie said...

Skype is my favorite too. It's nice to see a face when you hear them, unlike telephone. Have fun! :)

Shalet said...

My daughter loves to Skype me when I'm at work. Alas she has to call me first and talk me through the process. At nine that technology is old hat for her!

Happy Love Thursday!

tricia stirling said...

I just read some of your comments on Meredith Winn's blog and loved what you had to say (it was in response to her "cutlery" post.) I have similar memories of childhood, but ultimately they decided to go their separate ways and i was happy.

Papillon Sky Photography said...

I browsed around the lovely site and finally came across your name as a finalist to have your photography featured in their film!! congrats!! You deserve it! Can't wait to Skype with you tomorrow!!!