Thursday, January 14, 2010

hand stories

join me today over at shutter sisters where we are sharing the beauty and stories that only hands can tell.  i love hands so much i have a whole set dedicated to them.  have you ever just watched someone's hands?  what stories did they tell you?

(a few of my fave hand shots i found on flickr.
click here  for the photographers in the mosaic.)


beth said...

I just added a hand photo over there myself...I love hands and never take enough photos of them. thanks for the inspiration.

kristin said...

thank you beth! i saw your shot. so beautiful sculpted by time and years and love.

maddie said...

oh so so so beautiful!

i adore hands...completely mesmerized by them

Kristi said...

Oh, this is so beautiful!

6512 and growing said...

That belly in the bath shot is just gorgeous!