Thursday, February 25, 2010

38 things

hellooooo 38.
i was born this day in 1972, at 5 am. the first and last day i liked getting up early. :)
my mom won "new mom of the day" since i was the first baby born that morning.
I have a cassette tape of her groggy voice speaking to the local dj who was congratulating her on the birth of me. she told him, "she looks like her father." she was right. i still do.
with today comes a new list. one i wrote quite quickly and spontaneously, just scribbling down anything that happened to pop into my mind and heart. so here it goes...

38 things to do before i turn 39.
  1. pick more wildflowers *
  2. read a classic
  3. go roller skating
  4. visit Micky Mouse and wear the ears.
  5. shoot more film *
  6. meet as many flickr friends as possible, as often as possible ***
  7. create a photography website for myself and take my passion to a new level.
  8. snorkel in a warm body of water
  9. print a photo of my own really big
  10. have a weekend in NYC with my family
  11. take the kids to a baseball game
  12. eat at Les Halles
  13. meet the shutter sisters *
  14. cook Julia Child's beef bourguignon *
  15. take a girls only getaway
  16. wish on more dandelions *
  17. go camping, a lot
  18. sleep better, breathe deeper, stretch more, chew slower
  19. build more couch forts *
  20. pack a picnic & see the philadelphia orchestra & fireworks on the lawn this summer
  21. stop biting my nails
  22. get a basket for my bike
  23. take my mom to boston on the train *
  24. help kellen become an independent reader. *
  25. build a fairy house *
  26. take the kids swimming at the ymca
  27. join a csa again
  28. be braver
  29. be sillier
  30. nurture the romance in my marriage *
  31. sit in as many photobooths as possible. *
  32. buy a record player
  33. make a wish jar
  34. take casey to a dance class
  35. get a pedicure and cute flip flops
  36. cook in the wok more
  37. get a new tattoo or re pierce my nose or dye a purple streak in my hair... decisions decisions.....
  38. eat more chocolate chip cookies and milk. *
well 38 are you ready? here we go.

***PS~ i am over HERE today too!! xo

update: checking them off as i go with little red *


Heidi {LaundryGirlPhotog} said...

That yellow balloon is so you!!! Happy birthday dear Kristin! You are a beautiful, talented inspiring woman, who I someday hope to meet in person! Your day is bound to be beautiful! I'm in love with your list, my husband even read it and laughed about Julia's beef bourguignon, that is totally on my list which you are inspiring me to actually write out!

Happy 38!!!

Karina said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! What a wonderful idea - the birthday bucket list. You accomplished a lot from your very lofty list of last year...great expectiations for the year to come. You must be proud! I think I would have cheated, and only listed things I knew I could do - I know, not very challenging. You've inspired me to think differently (although my list would be just a bit longer...OK, maybe more than a bit).
Have a fantastic day - and celebrate big!

Valerie said...

delurking to say
*joyeux anniversaire*
happy new year in your life & hope you can cross as much as possible off this list & have much fun accomplishing all this

Kate Kelleher Blue Sky Butterfly Studio said...

A Happy Day to you! I look forward to watching you tick off your list. Can't wait for the tatoo!

Papillon Sky Photography said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday Kristin!!!! I love your list. I think we need to meet this year! I really hope we can somehow. And yes, blow up one of your prints, really really big!! And start a website to show off your stuff!! It's not my birthday, but maybe I will start a list too. It's a great idea!
Have the most wonderful day! I will be thinking of you, and maybe if I get out today, I will have a cupcake in your honor!!!
Hugs to you!!!

Pam said...

Wishing you a Happy Happy Day and a year full of laughter and love.

Life in Eden said...

Happy Day to you! It is a lovely list, and many would be on mine as well. Especially the BIG print -- you should do it! I'd love to meet the SS too (wish I'd been more involved when I lived in LA), as well as Flickr gals.

Hope the lovely sun shines bright for you today, as I know you love it.

jodi said...

hooray! a most wonderful list for a great year ahead. happy, happy birthday!

Rocalb said...

¡¡¡Happy birthday Kristin!!!
You are a great person!
I love your wish list and i´m sure you could realize all the numbers!

Thanks to share your flare days and your sweet family with all of us...

Big hugs from Spain!



Courtnay J said...

ooooh! another year, another list! I need a basket for my bike, too. Imagine the dippies we could make. :o) Happy, joyful, wonderous, unbelievable, crazy, super-duper, awesome birthday. xo Cory

Kristybee said...

Happy birthday sweetheart ♥
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Char said...

love the list!!! i love that it is filled with things that you can really do. can't wait to hear about them all.

Karen L R said...

This is a wicked sweet idea! Love it. Inspired!

And happy, happy birthday!

xanthe said...

i'm with you all the way, especially 3, 7, 9, 17, 28. "feel the change" it's gonna be a great year for you... happy birthday x.

Kim Klassen said...

i adore your list... happiest birthday....

i need to make a list of my own...

you are inspiring...xxo, kim

Karen Mowrey said...

we are close enough to meet...i am up for a road trip and i will even take you for a tat, piercing, pedicure and flip-flop shopping!!! (oh and we will hunt down photo booths too!)

Maegan Beishline said...

I love that yellow balloon image! And I love your list! Many of the same things are written on my heart as well. And it's so clear that your heart and motivations are right where they should be. You are such a beauty! Happy Birthday to you!!!

cow in the dunes said...

Happy Birthday, Kristin!! I love this list.

henzy said...

Happy Birthday! What a great list.. and wonderful post..

Kristyn Knits said...

happy (belated) birthday kristin.
how cherished you are...your video was amazing!
I love this idea of a birthday list.
I just celebrated mine as well, mind if I steal this idea for a post? wishing you many blessings over the next year!