Tuesday, March 09, 2010

day 6 ~ the color purple

plum eggplant lilac 
so many beautiful shades of purple.
deep rich wonderful purple.
purple holds a place in my heart;  it is kellen's favorite color and blanket.  :)
here is a sampling from the group this morning 
though i do so love spring flowers, i am finding myself drawn to the urban purples above.
the tiles, the graffiti, the balloons with nyc reflecting in them.  YUM!
happy purple tuesday!

one more day to go in our color week.  can you believe it?


Karina said...

Wow - they look amazing all pulled together - what a fun grouping.

JaL said...

Thanks for putting this together and giving me a creative project to make myself think outside the box! The shots that have been submitted are breathtaking & inspiring. Again so glad I found your blog =)