Wednesday, March 03, 2010

for the LOVE of COLOR week!!!

ok, it seems i am not the only one inspired by that color mosaic yesterday.  i think SO many of us are suffering from the late winter blahs and color seems to be just the medicine we need.  so in the spirit of color we are kicking off  "for the LOVE of COLOR week", beginning TOMORROW!  thursday march 4th thru wednesday march 10th.
7 days ~ 7 colors.
come join in the fun!
join the flickr group and invite your friends to join in too.
  • thursday ~ vibrant greens : spring green, apple green, verdant green
  • friday ~ hot pink, fuchsia, raspberry
  • saturday ~ orange, saffron
  • sunday ~ sunny yellows
  • monday ~ bright blues: electric blue, royal blue
  • tuesday ~ purple, eggplant
  • wednesday (the final day) ~ ROCKIN' REDS!  candy apple, fire engine, cayenne, cherry
remember to keep them bright, vibrant, & full of energy.  no pastels please.  
and this is a non stress group.  you do not have to add every day.  only when you want to.
can't wait to see all your colors!


Jakki said...


Emom said...

Yeah! some fun....smiles.

kristen said...

thank you.

Shalet said...

I'm so in!

JaL said...

great idea...and too true seeing as tho my pic for my 365 yesterday was titled looking for spring and was a desperate attempt to find something, anything green in my barren yard!

lucy said...

so fun. just joined the group -- can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Lisa said...

i love this kristin! i did alittle bump on my blog too:


jodi said...

woo hoo!

Christina said...

Cannot wait for this! I'm definitely in.