Thursday, April 08, 2010


have you ever taken a photo and it made you think of a song title or lyric?
last night hubby and i snuck a trip to the beach, just he and i.  the light was fading, the wind was ever so warm and blustery.  we ate lobster rolls & onion rings out of paper cartons, while we sat on a sheet in the sand and watched a storm blow in.  we then took a drive down the road to the marina, where i snapped away at the water and the old weathered boats. 
and then i heard this play in my head....
"I will live my life as a lobsterman's wife on an island in the blue bay.
He will take care of me, he will smell like the sea,
And close to my heart he'll always stay.

I will bear three girls all with strawberry curls, little Ella and
Nelly and Faye.
While I'm combing their hair, I will catch his warm stare
On our island in the blue bay.

Far away far away, I want to go far away.
To a new life on a new shore line.
Where the water is blue and the people are new.
To another island, in another life. "

(far away by ingrid michaelson)

please join me at shutter sisters today and share your lyrical images.


Emom said...

So Sweet...smiles

manilenya said...

Oh kristin, I'm a blurker of your blog, I am glad you stopped by :)

Papillon Sky Photography said...

Oh, Kristin, that song and that image really speak to me. Especially the lines about where the water is blue and the people are new. I can relate!! Thanks for sharing!