Monday, May 03, 2010

instant love fest

ROID WEEK 2010 is here.
it only comes around once a year.
5 days only
today through friday
all pola enthusiasts will be sharing their best in this group.
you can add 2 polas a day to the group.
i have exactly 6 exposures left in my polaroid camera.  how lucky is that?  super excited!  
let the instant fun begin!

here are a few of my faves from the group early this morning.

and for extra inspiration i found this 365 polaroid project by parker fitzgerald. 
a quote a day on pola film.
love it.


georgia b. said...

oh, man... i was hoping to have an sx-70 by this time. i've been dreaming of one ever since roid week last year!

oh, well. i'll have to just keep using rollip to make my photos look roid-esque until i get one. : )

hope you are feeling better!

carmen said...

I so wish I had a polaroid camera to join in the fun! Can't wait to see what beauty you create.

Thanks so much for the link to the polaroid-quote-a-day. So inspirational!

Char said...

i will play along on my fuji instapix since i don't have a pola.

hope your day is beautiful

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I should grab my camera and shoot- I have a few exposures left if I remember right.