Friday, May 14, 2010


yes it is official.
i became a mom of a girl who is old enough for her first prom.
these are pieces of prom; sparkly and pretty as prom should be.
i hope she is safe, having fun, and dancing SO much her feet hurt!!!!

xo taylor!

love mom.


truly blessed said...

oh kristin, i love these all together like this!
can we see one teeny weeny one with her in it? and maybe you too???

kristin said...

oh mary i totally blew it. i have all these group shots of her and her friends like TONS! but it got so hurried at the end and i got none of she and i, only casey and taylor but casey was acting all funny, so i may need a do-over of just her. a nice relaxed time for shots. i certainly learned what NOT to do this prom. and will file it away for next year and her senior prom...

Vanessa @ SoDarnHappy said...

Oh how they grow. My girl's only 5 but I'm sure I'll turn around tomorrow and she'll be heading to prom too.

Char said...

i have to retake some prom shots too - the girls ran out of time to pose.

beautiful shots that you did get though - i hope she has the most magical of nigths

Shalet said...

No. No. No. You can not be old enough. I am NOT ready for this. Safe travels for your daughter -- I hope she has the best of times and the safest of times.

:o) Shalet

kristin said...

home safe and sound.
now to bed.

kristen said...

a rite of passage...your little photos are so sweet, it looks like her dress and shoes are beautiful!

i think the 'home safe and sound' would have been the first thing that made me breathe a little easier. :)

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

these photos are beauitful. I hope she had a great time, and yes re-do of the photos in her get up. you could do a 'wreck the dress' shoot (have you ever seen the post wedding wreck the dress shoots? so good. I will see if I can find a link a dink to share)

jodi said...

oh, goodness. how exciting!!

MGF said...

Such beautiful colors.

I am sure she had a wonderful time.