Monday, May 17, 2010

six candles

well it is now official
my boy is 6
he was super excited to go to school today, cupcakes in hand to share with his class.
he got to be 'the star helper' today.
he also got to bring home Hershey Bear for the night.
he came home to a few of his favorite things:
balloons and flowers all in his favorite color purple.  packages in the mail from faraway family and friends. (which means everyone minus my mom since she is our only relative nearby)
his menu requests fulfilled : shrimp, mashed potatoes, green beans, toasted coconut cream pie, and a cake with buzz on it.  the sun was shining again so we got to work planting his flowers. daddy surprised him and came home early with a purple bouquet for his boy,  my mom came over with that pie,  and then we ate!  
to end the night was the cake (which i had hidden away til we lit the candles),  and wishes, my most favorite part.
it is true i get quite emotional each new year,  i am so in love with the sweet tender boy you are and i can only hope to continue to nurture all that specialness that is you so that one day you will bloom into a sensitive tender young man.   
happy new year sweet one.
i am so excited to see what six has in store for you.
i love you (as buzz would say...) "to infinity and beyond!"  
i hope all your wishes come true.



Jakki said...

that smile on his face in the photo where he is blowing out his candles.....priceless! pure happiness right there!

Emom said...

The Very Best! smiles.

Char said...

oh how this is the very very best

{Amy} said...

oh, so sweet, sounds like a perfect birthday!
my little guy will turn 6 (in about 6 months) so this makes me kinda sad because 6 seems so much "bigger" to me. i think our kids are pretty similar in age so i love reading your posts, kristin!

georgia b. said...

that last photo is precious. what a moment.