Thursday, June 17, 2010

a big year

i am sure you all remember how torn i was this past year when it was that time.  the time for my little boy to enter kindergarten,  and not just any kindergarten, but ALL DAY kindergarten.  i was heart sick.  i really really was.  i had cared for nurtured loved fed rocked taught read to, you name it i did it, for the first 5 years of his life every single day.  i am blessed to have these early years home with my 2 youngest, so letting go was more than difficult, it hurt bad.  i was scared and sad and worried.  he is tender, shy, loving, artistic, sensitive, creative little boy.  i was terrified what the big unknown world would be like for him.  then came his teacher.  she was a gift.  and he fell in love.  how do i know this?  every day he would make me a picture.  any picture. then one day when he was home sick from school he made a picture i went to hang it on the fridge and he said, "no mommy that is for mrs falvey,  i miss her."  that was it.   i did not feel i was replaced,  but instead i smiled knowing my loving little boy was giving part of his big heart to someone new and i do not take that lightly.  today he picked her a bouquet of flowers from our yard and wrapped in tin foil he carried it off to school on his very last day of kindergarten.  he flourished in art and writing and he now reads.  he learned how to play violin and make friends.  he LOVED hot lunch at school.  he performed in a concert, had field day, went to a farm and a baseball game. he grew over 3 inches and wore out every knee in every pair of jeans he has.  he brought home work each day so proud to share it with us and especially with his little sister.  it was really good for him.  he shined.  he is still all those things he was before kindergarten, but now i know how very brave he is too. today was his last day.  and i am one very very proud momma.  

kellen i love you!
you did so great this year.

now onto summer vacation!  


Char said...

it has been a beautiful year

Johnna Riddell said...

this is making me tear up...

Yay Kellen
and Yay Momma... you BOTH shined.

I am so happy for the blessed year you had!

seg said...

Such a wonderful post! Congrats on such a successful first year in school!

kollene carlsson said...

this is so beautiful!!! wow~

{Amy} said...

Oh wow, Kristin! This makes me feel a little better about kindergarten in the fall but i'm still really worried and nervous myself.
My boy is also very sweet, creative and caring but is also super busy--how i she going to sit there all day long? The one and only reason I have dreaded this summer is because I know the fall is coming way too soon! And I'm so happy for both of you that he had a great teacher and a great year!

Emom said...

Oh my....I could cry remembering the same feelings ove 18 years doesn't change....smiles