Friday, June 11, 2010

flying free.

today was the day we set our painted lady butterflies free.
we had begun this journey just a few weeks ago when our caterpillars arrived.
we watched them eat and grow and then make their way to the top of the container to begin their change.  when we woke the next day they were hanging in chrysalis form. all but one that is.  something happened to one during this stage.  it was encased in a chrysalis, but it had fallen from the lid and lay on the bottom.  we were unsure what to do so we gently placed it in the butterfly habitat just in case.   a few days later the 4 hanging emerged and we got to watch as they pumped their wings.  the little one on the bottom never emerged.  though that was sad,  i think it was all part of the learning experience for the kids.  we discarded that one and talked about how for some reason it had not survived.  next we fed the new butterflies a sugar water mixture on fresh flowers for a few days, waiting for a day warm and dry enough to set them free.  today was that day.  one by one three of them flew out of he habitat.  one lingered inside. my  hubby tried to coax it out, but instead he had to scoop it out on his hand.   it was so still and content to just sit there that we were able to pass it between kellen and casey!  it was magic,  pure magic.  we even snapped a pansy flower off and watched as it drank with its long proboscis all while sitting on casey's hand.  their faces as they watched the first few fly away was absolute wonder and priceless to see!
i am so glad we got this project for them.  i think i had just as much fun with the entire thing as they did.  i would recommend it to everyone.  what a nice way to start off our weekend.  tomorrow we are taking the train to boston and visiting the aquarium.  i love a train ride, so does kellen.  i am excited!

i hope your weekend has a little magic in it too.


Char said...

what a magical experience

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beautiful pictures, joyful eyes

lilia said...

oh, how magical!!!