Tuesday, June 01, 2010


one day a very little baby girl. (my first born)
then seventeen years old.
like that! (snap!)
sixteen had its share of growing pains and new experiences. a new job, a driving permit, your first prom, ever changing hairstyles and colors (blonde to brown to dark brown to pink streaked and back to blonde), and quite a few inches- now making you even taller than your dad.
i think you are still finding your way searching and not really knowing what is means to be this age.   teenagerhood is tough,  and so different from my experience.  with this crazy age of technology, facebook, myspace, texting, it kind of makes MY head spin.   I really do not envy teens today.  i wish i could make everything appear easier and clearer for you.  i wish i had that magic crystal ball for you to see into your future,  but i do not.  all i have are stories of, "when i was your age... blah blah blah..."   i remember being you age,  i really do.  i remember thinking my mom was crazy and had no idea.  i think that is just normal.  the way we all need to find our way.  even when that means taking the hard way sometimes.  i always want happiness and love for you.  
things you love right now...
  • music (singing it and playing it)
  • texting!!!!
  • your hair straightener  :)
  • chinese food
  • dunkin donuts cafe mochas
  • giving me more and more gray hairs
  • anything fruity smelling
  • crocheting 
you are beautiful.
i say so.
we had yellow balloons and daisies on the table,  daddy brought her a bouquet of sunflowers, kellen colored her a picture (toy story of course),  she opened a few gifts and cards, made out on some good cash for spending, and as  birthdays always go in our casa,  the birthday person chooses the meal and dessert.  taylor chose chinese food for her dinner, we hit the chinese buffet.   no cake or pie,  not her,  she loves brownie sundaes, so i baked some brownies and she topped them with peanut butter cup ice cream, whipped cream, and cherries.  then her dad and i drove to pick up a very big step for her seventeenth year.... a set of wheels bought with her own money. that is a huge step.  it will be great to see you gain confidence on the road and take that next step toward your independence.  18 next year.  it hardly seems possible.  
happy birthday to my young woman.
happy 17 taylor,  i hope it is full of happiness and FUN for you.
i love you. 


Anonymous said...

That's really sweet and reminds me that I am not far from seeing my eldest reach that age!

Johnna Riddell said...

maybe it's just that I am an emotional mess today, but this made me the most wonderful kind of teary-eyed, and I just feel warm all over :) What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful daughter... I love this. :)
Happy Birthday to Her. xo

carmenfarrell said...

Oh my - this made me tear up! She is indeed a beauty (but I'm sure she doesn't believe you since you're
"just" her mom).
The part about the new set of wheels made me really excited. And with her own money? What an accomplishment! I remember being her age and having my own "jalopy" to get me around. That feeling of independence was priceless. Congrats Taylor!

p.s. These images are beautiful, as always...

jodi said...

just the sweetest. sounds like a perfect birthday.

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I adore the way you celebrate each of your children's big day and how you send out words and note the changes.
YOu are a pretty amazing mom and your girl is a beauty.

Erika said...

So good & sweet!

Happy Birthday a tad late!

Life in Eden said...

oh so nice, sounds like such a lovely day. you have such a wonderful connection with each other. happy birthday!

kollene carlsson said...

oh my... a lot of tears... this is so sweet... I have such a lump in my throat as I watch my littles having their naps.. at 4 and 1... I know soon they will be 17... and although it will be amazing.. I will still have this lump... weep weep... it's the best being a Mamma!! (Momma!)

MyFrogs said...

My oldest girl is 11 today, soon I'll wake up and she'll be 17. I dread them getting older but it's fun discovering who they're becoming! :)