Saturday, June 26, 2010

xo vermont

we just returned home today from our trip to vermont.
it was full of such wonderful, good, easy times.
friends, family, food & fun.
ponds, frogs, creemees & tag. 
pancakes, waffles, wine & lemonade.
dirt, lakes, fireflies & circus.
i took 600 photos.  yes 6 hundred.

(they make these shirts for a reason ya know.)

here is a glimpse of what day one looked liked.
potluck + campfire = yum

thank you vermonters.
thank you.


Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm it looks totally wonderful - especially toasted marshmallows on a stick

Anonymous said...

welcome back! i had a green trucker hat as a kid that said iloververmont. and i loved it! i'm looking forward to your photos. all 600 of them.

xanthe said...

looks like a magical time, things that make a childhood special and some perfect downtime for you mamas. can't wait to see more photos (wow! 600), have missed you!! x. xoxo

Mackville Road :: Diane said...

Yay!!! Today I found a shirt that said 'Kryptonite' and I think it belongs to one little boy... I also found some art supplies under the couch... Bea says she's saving them for when you come back and she hopes you hurry back soon! Me, too. xo