Friday, October 29, 2010

drum line

did i ever tell you i was in the band?
oh yes.
drum line.
though i was not cool enough to play drums,  no i played the glockenspiel.  i know, the what????  the bells.
heavy things they were.  me, my maroon and gold bell bottom polyester uniform, hat, chin strap, feathery plume on top,  shiny white pleather boots  (fancy yes?)  and these heavy set of bells strapped to my shoulders for marching.  parades, and football game half-time shows.  Mr Casano was our band leader,  we called him "Mr. C"  he was one cool guy.  i found out after high school he got sick and passed away far too young.  that is sad.  a huge loss for his family and for the students that missed out on his instruction that i know he would have continued for many more years....   so this for him, mr.c,  and for all us band "geeks"  out there. i didn't continue in band in senior high since i then became a football cheerleader,  but i screamed really loud for our band when they hit the field at halftime.  they always rocked the house.  my friend meredith sent me this today and somehow i needed it so.  the universe reaches out and just hands you something as simple as this youtube video.  thank you mere. xo  happy friday everyone.
so here ya go.  i love this band.  these are the treadmil guys.  remember them?  if not that is a must click and watch too! 
but as for this song, these words,  "let it go this too shall pass"  amen. 


Bavonia said...

I was a total drum line geek for 4 years in highschool! I played the bass drum and then the snare. I loved it, thanks for sharing the video!

Erika said...

Amen. In a big way.

kristen said...

and now i just like you even more, miss glockenspiel!

my daughter is in band this year, (4th grade), she's a clarinet player and i get all misty eyed when i hear the band start up with jingle bells. :)

denise said...

Ha! I was in a drum & twirling corp for 10+ years, and the twirler for my high school marching band. Ahhhh. I learned the drums too, for fun, and have pads for my boys to practice on. It is so fun...and there is a great corp here in town where we live. :D

Jenny C said...

Well that video is absolutely genius, and I kind of want to play it over and over! Thanks for sharing it! And thanks for defining glockenspiel for me - I really had no idea.

Oh, How Happy We Are said...

You have got to check out this crazy fun rocking marching band.

We happened upon them at a street fair. So fun.

jodi said...

did i ever tell you that i was band president senior year? yup. i played clarinet in marching band all four years. good times!!