Friday, October 15, 2010

five senses friday

five senses friday is an idea that was conceived by shari altman as a way to sit down and reflect on your week.

today i thought it would be fun to play along.

  • tasting ~ sushi rolls from nara.   hubby is bring them home tonight to share.  (tonight is "date night"  and well we don't always go out for date night...  we find it fun to order in and cuddle up on the couch.)  i am drooling with anticipation.  their sushi rolls rock.
  • seeing~  this "oldie" and hopefully still goodie tonight as we eat that sushi i mentioned above.  hubby and i have been ranting on how they keep remaking classics from our childhood that really should just be left alone.   we decided to cue up a few of our old faves and re watch them.  will it still hold magic?  oh i hope so.
  • hearing ~ this song in my head all morning.  this photo prompted it and well a little dead is always a good thing to me.
  • feeling~content
  • smelling~ that wet leaf smell of autumn.

happy friday everyone.  what are you sensing this friday?  i'd love to know...


Char said...

tasting ~ fried catfish and hushpuppies at lunch today. i don't feel well today and this seemed like the perfect comfort.
seeing~ catching up on glee tonight - missed it this week.
hearing ~ listening a lot to bob dylan - i saw him in concert this week and i'm reminded how powerful his lyrics are to me.
feeling ~ content
smelling~ furniture wax - they cleaned my office last night.

Suvarna said...

tasting, rich full bodied americano form 49th parallel
seeing, white gull on the pond, ripples spreading in wide circles on the glasslike surface
hearing, U2 the Joshua Tree- full volume!
feeling, happy, relaxed and ready for the weekend
smelling the crisp cool air and loamy smell of decomposing leaves on a sunny fall day
Have a great weekend!

Monica said...

Oh this is such a cute idea!
Now I want sushi!