Friday, October 08, 2010

friday finale

{my autumn color}

this week i joined in poppytalk's annual autumn color week.
  • monday - green
  • tuesday - yellow
  • wednesday - orange
  • thursday - red
  • friday - brown
i enjoy color weeks.  they give my eye a simple focus.  some days that is just what i need in my shooting.  simple, beautiful, color.  not in your face colors of spring or summer, or even autumns past... the muted quieter tones this autumn has brought.  it has been quite wet and grey here.  it feels like there is so much less light and color than last autumn,  i was feeling in a rut and kind of melancholy about this year's autumn.  focusing on one color at a time this week was good for me.   it made me see there is plenty of beauty to be found.

the sun appeared yesterday from between the clouds and we took a great walk in the woods.  one thing about all that rain is it makes for a woodland floor FULL of mushrooms of all kinds to discover and some forrest flare too.  :)

happy friday everyone.


Emom said...

Very Lovely.....happy friday....smiles

Isa said...

I LOVE the heart-shaped apple bite. I remember seeing it in the pool. Such loveliness!

Char said...

i always love the heartshaped bite. so beautiful

Monica said...

what a great idea! and i love all of these shots!