Thursday, November 18, 2010

go jen go!

my best girlfriend jen is running in a 5 mile race on saturday for charity on the streets of philly. she has been training hard to make the full 5 miles. i give her huge props since i couldn't even manage to run around my block, which is a mere half a mile...
of course all i can think about is Rocky Balboa, and the scene where he is running up the steps of the museum of art in philly with all those kids behind him.
jen loves that movie and that scene in particular,
so a little go get em music, and Rocky/Philly love just for her

good luck on saturday jen!!!!
run like the wind.
you can do it!
wish we could be there to see you cross that finish line, but we will be there in spirit cheering you on.
you are a rock star! and we are so proud of you!

all of us


jodi said...

good luck jen!!! you can do it!

Jen said...

Thanks Momma, thanks Jodi! Well there's certainly nothing in my eyes now...I'm putting the theme and eye of the tiger on my ipod tonight! You will be there with me momma and all day today too:) love you! I'll send pics tomorrow. xoxo

deb said...

I hope you did well Jen.

I read here, don't often comment, but thought this was cool as my husband ran the half marathon there this morning and is in flight back home here near Toronto.

kristin said...

very cool deb, jen attended the half marathon today to cheer on her coworkers.

yay for all you runners!!!