Monday, December 13, 2010


today we lost favorite puppy.
casey's faithful sidekick.
casey had her along as she always does.
we ran to the doctor's office for a sick visit for kellen's persistent cough.
we then made a trip to payless and target in search of snow boots and sneakers for kellen.
somewhere mid target trip casey uttered these very sad words, "kellen where's puppy?"
my heart sank. i felt panic in my core, but i knew i had to keep the brave face for her. we retraced our many steps. left our names at ALL 3 places we were at and what we had lost. i feel like the biggest heel right now. i should have been paying better attention. i should have made her leave it in the car. i should have put it in my purse.
"should haves", they sting.
3 years now she has loved this small stuffed animal.
it is her 1 treasure.
tonight will be the first night she will sleep without it in years...
it is breaking my heart, i can't imagine how hers feels.
oh i hope target calls... please call...

{baby casey and "favorite puppy"
taken in 2008}

oh casey, mommy is so so sorry.

no word from any of the places we may have left puppy...
my husband found a new one on ebay and it is on its way here... it may not be the same to her, but we hope it finds a way into her heart just as "favorite puppy" did.


Vanessa said...

Oh no!!!! Elliott lost his lovey on a ill fated trip to Target once too. The first few weeks without him were awful but we survived and now he has a new one.
Time heals all wounds.. I do hope someone calls though.

Maegan Beishline said...

Oh that's awful! Not you...but that it happened! Don't blame yourself, Kristin...your focus was on your children...these things happen! Layla has "Alpha Puppy" and she would be devastated if she lost it! Please give Casey some hugs and kisses from us!

Life in Eden said...

oh no! don't beat yourself up! we almost lost lovely last week at the drug store (luckily a worker found it and tracked us down). It will get better.

this may sound strange, but do you have a better shot of puppy? it looks a bit like one we have from our oldest (although the ears are brown not red) -- if it is near enough we'd be happy to donate it to the broken hearted! xo

kristin said...

thank you ladies.
i know it is not my fault but i am still so heartbroken by it. we did find them online and have a new one ordered. i am just afraid it will not be the "same" to her if that makes sense... the lost one was well worn by love...

gonzomama said...

this is heartbreaking. i'm sure i would feel the same as you if henry lost his frog (it's been his snuggler for over 4 yrs now). we've had some close calls with losing it and each time i was near a panic, more from the worry of how devastated he'd be than anything else.

sending my love and hugs to you both with the hopes that he has been found and will be quickly returned.

Jessica said...

Aww :( I hope someone finds it for you.

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

that is a heart-breaker...I know as a mom. so sorry.
don't be too hard on yourself...think about how many loveies have been lost over the years...and everyone turned out okay.

Ya just never know..the Target' fairy might call you.

Love your little space's lovely.

Erika said...

Ugh! My heart goes out to you & her. I can't imagine losing Train or Owl Blankee.

Give her extra hugs for the next couple of nights.

jodi said...

oh no!!! i hope someone finds puppy and returns him to you. maybe the new one should have a name tag with phone number, like a real puppy would?

oh, poor casey. poor you. xoxo

laura louise said...

oh no!!! I'm so very sorry!!! It's not your fault, but I can appreciate how much it still hurts. Giant hugs to you and Casey!! Come on Target....

simplesunflower said...

Awww, I can relate. My daughter lost her blankie last fourth of July. We looked everywhere for it, even drove around that night and the next day. We had watched the fireworks at the park so we thought it had to be around there somewhere. But we didn't find it. She was devastated at first, but she even said herself that she knew it would come back. We felt sad that she really believed that it would, since we just knew that it was gone forever. About a month later, sure enough, our friend called and said she had found it underneath the seat of her car shoved in a bag with sparklers and empty juice boxes. I'll never forget that. It just amazed me. The blankie lived on!