Wednesday, December 22, 2010

under the weather

poor kellen has been sick since thanksgiving. he gets a cold and it hangs in his lungs...
unfortunatley i think he gets that from me. saturday he woke with ear pain and tears. oh how that kind of sadness and pain breaks my heart. you want to hug it all away from them. we were lucky to find an opening and get him seen on saturday and he is now on a round of meds and seems to be turning the corner, thank goodness. i too gave in yesterday and went to the doctor for this terrible cough i have had and received the not so winning diagnosis of bronchitis. tis the season... bah humbug. seems we like to share around here, family of 5 will do that, hubby's turn now, he is coughing too. :(
good thing we all have a huge holday break coming up to rest & regroup.
must. get. better.

on a lighter note i am posting over at shutter sisters today...
please click on over and join me there....
i promise not to cough on you.


Anonymous said...

aww, so sorry to hear you guys are under the weather. i hope you guys feel better in time for Christmas! heading over to SS now to check out your post! :)

Char said...

oh no! i hope you all are on the mend soon! xo

and i hope you have a happy and magical christmas!