Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a beautiful blur

over holiday break we decided to take the little ones to their first BIG hill for a sledding adventure. it was a gorgeous sunny day but oh so cold and very windy. i figured we'd get there, park, hike up a few times let them slide down and that they would most likely tire of that, or it would be too fast, and they would want to return to the warmth of the car. i was so very wrong... they LOVED it. they ate that hill up! again and again and again. faster and faster and over bumps and a few wipe outs even and still they never asked to stop. the only whining ensued when we said it was time to go, and that was 3 whole hours later! (wow) at one point i climbed up the hill and looked through my camera and unfocused the scene before me. i was drawn to the candy colors of all the snowsuits and tubes and sleds against the bright white snow. i snapped a few shots and thought how in the blur in looked like a pretty winter painting. have you ever gone blurry on purpose? if not go ahead and try it, you may really like what you get. share that beautiful blur over at shutter sisters with us today.


Pam said...

First, sledding is my favorite winter activity. So much fun no matter what your age.

Second, your blur IS beautiful. I think it gives the photo a timeless quality to it.

patti said...

can't thank you enough for your blur post on shutter sisters. i have deleted so many photos due to blur. you shine a whole new light on things. thank you!