Monday, March 14, 2011

beauty for good.

i know the events of this past week have rocked us all. watching the earthquake & tsunami in Japan from the safety and comfort of my home really struck my heart. As a mom I feel it is imperative to give back, to show by example that every little bit helps. fellow photographer, and friend, Erika Ray asked if i would like to join her and a few other artists in a print sale. i was honored. proceeds from the sale will be donated to the ICRC, International Commitee of the Red Cross to aid tsunami relief. This is a cause very near to my heart. I lived through a natural disaster March 13, 1993 while living on the coast of FL. having no appliances to keep food in or to prepare food on after the storms and flood surge, the American Red Cross fed myself (and my unborn baby taylor. i was 7 months pregnant) and thousands of others every day, twice a day, for over a month from a small mobile van. I loved that van and those volunteers. The Red Cross helped me personally and helps others in need all over the world each and every day.

please join us.
need something pretty for your walls? maybe a gift for a friend? above are the 8 prints available for purchase. each print is priced at just $20.00 and will be printed on 8 x 12 borderless archival paper with a lustre finish. Your purchase will be shipped directly from Costco professional printers to you which will cut down on shipping costs.
So please click over HERE to Erika's site to read more about the sale and artists involved and make a purchase. or you can click on over to her Facebook page here and help us support this wonderful cause.

thank you.


Erika said...

Whenever I read bits of your story, I cry.
Thanks for all you do!

Big or small. A check will come on Friday & every bit helps.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

What an awesome gesture. I too am doing something to help raise money for the Red Cross today on my blog. Its great to give and giveback.

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Anonymous said...

~great idea for helping.

~I can't believe all of this suffering,my heart aches:0(

~wishing you well

Jessica said...

I already gave to the Red Cross, but am passing this along to others! Love this idea.