Friday, March 11, 2011


i keep staring at my screen.
start typing. delete.
type again. delete.
words aren't coming easy this week.
it has been oh so grey. i think it seeped into my brain.
so far this week i had a killer headache, my worst period to date, cut my thumb through my thumbnail (ouch!), and a general feeling like i cannot get out of my own way.
i also stopped baking and instead took up salads this week. (WHAT?!?!) maybe i should have waited til it was good and sunny (and green) to pull a drastic move like that. live & learn.

so i bid you a very happy friday and wonderful weekend.
i hope to not be so boring next week. ;)
a girl can hope.



Nutmeg girl said...

Well, here's something to cheer you up just a little (I hope). I LOVE your photographs! And if I lived anywhere near Maine I'd ask you to photograph my family. Have a happy weekend :)

Jill said...

I didn't think February could get any worse, but the weather that we've had as of late has been brutal . . . but tomorrow is looking sunny and lovely and everything that is good. Hope your funk slinks away (and boo! headaches).

beth said...

i've had a very similar must be in the air !

Erika said...

I thought this was supposed to leave us in March? The news this morning doesn't help matters much. My heart is heavy.

truly blessed said...

you STOPPED baking while you were on your period? are you crazy? don't torture yourself like that. stop and grab that mixer, momma.
okay, i'll do it for you. i'm baking you a lemon cake today.

kristin said...

i know i have LOUSY timing mary i agree.

let me know how the cake is. i know it will be yummy.

Team Sass said...

What a week! Next week has to better after all that.xo

barb said...

hang in there... this too shall pass. before you know it spring will be here. take care of you!

Jessica said...

Hope things are better this week! Maybe the extra sunlight will help. I saw in my RSS reader a post from you about things to do before your birthday. I wanted to comment on it but don't see it on your blog, so if you don't mind, I will comment here. Every single one of those items is something I have been thinking about and dealing with for a while now. Just wanted to say thank you, because now I don't feel like the only one. :)