Friday, March 18, 2011

its friday i'm i love

i was MADLY DEEPLY TRULY in love with yesterday's weather. i knew i needed it, but i didn't realize how much til it was here. of course it is just a teaser and will not be that gorgeous again for awhile, but oh it was gooooood. thank you sun, thank you warmth.
it started out frosty in the am but the sun melted that away and kept going strong all day. casey and i fed the birds and watched a little red squirrel run around the yard. she was thrilled to be out on the deck hearing all the birds. then i had an afternoon "date" with my teenager. prom dress shopping. this was our second trip out. first time out we struck out. we headed to the "big city", portland. the snow always melts faster in the city. they had a few dirty snow piles here and there but most of it was gone. ( not the case at my house. though it is melting slowly, we still have more snow than i want to look at.) note to self: take more trips to portland to see "spring". they have a few witch hazel trees there that were in bloom! yellow blooms busting out all over, have you ever seen a witch hazel tree? the blooms look like little yellow streamers. i know i squealed out loud when i saw they were blooming! taylor laughed at me. everyone was happy and outside with just shirts or sweatshirts. no snow boots, no winter coats, no hats, scarves or gloves. st patty's day revelers were out in green force. it actually made me miss bartending. we walked around in the sun enjoyed a bag piper on the corner with a very honest sign at his feet that read, "why lie. need irish whiskey." loved him. so cute in his kilt. and he could play. there were jugglers out and a girl with great tattoos hula hooping. the energy was just fun and happy. it was nice to see so many people out and soaking it all in. we struck out in the city for a dress, but we hit david's bridal once more hoping that maybe we missed something. i finally just pulled a huge bunch of dresses down in her size and brought them to her. she is a typical teen, she likes what she likes and sometimes won't budge and try on my suggestions, this time she did and it paid off! she found not 1 dress but 2 that she loved. ones that she originally passed over. after trying the 2 on over and over and over, and getting the opinions of those in the shop, she chose "the one" and we wrapped it up and brought it home. i love the dress on her. it is fun, fits well, and the color is gorgeous. i am excited for her. your senior prom should be really special. the dress should make you feel like a princess, i think she does. so it was not a good day yesterday, it was really a great day. ended it with sushi at home with my hubby.

happy friday everyone. i hope you got to enjoy a little spring thaw too. have a listen to the piper. xo!


beth said...

our weather here has also been such a gift this week...and yes, we needed it badly, leave a meeting last night with just a sweater on and my coat in my that's spring !

jodi said...

sounds like a terrific day!

Life in Eden said...

yay for sunshine and beautiful dresses for beautiful girls!

windrock studio said...

Hey Kristen, we had one of those days yesterday as well! But back to a little snow this morning. We just need to remember to enjoy it when it happens ... thanks for sharing.

Yolanda said...

I can hardly wait till it gets warmer here. I always find inspiration here. Have a lovely weekend.

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great day! I love Portland. It was amazing on Friday; I have been in a great mood all weekend thanks to the lovely weather! :)