Friday, March 04, 2011

a lovely day

yesterday was a very full day.
full of all good things.
the sun was shining.
casey and i had a fun play date with erin and e.
on our drive up i had a small love affair with my radio station. did you ever turn on the radio and feel like they were playing songs from your very own personal playlist? yeah it was that kind of day.
our 2 little girls were peas in a pod i tell ya and i am not kidding. they dress alike. they have similar wavy hair pulled in pigtails and braids. they went straight to playing like they were dear old friends. here they were mugging for the screen in front of them, making an imovie of themselves. erin made us warm soup & biscuits for lunch, perfect for the very cold day. i only wish we all lived closer so we could do this a lot more often.
we drove home and went straight to work baking molly's lemon yogurt cake using fresh lemons handpicked and sent to me from a friend all the way in sunny california. (thank you barb!) and really aren't they pretty? yellow makes me happy. and any fruit with stems and leaves left on them makes me extra happy.
the recipe was simple and the cake looked beautiful straight out of the oven. dinner was made and eaten and then we all headed to our local ymca for a first, swimming lessons for kellen. he has been so excited about this for weeks, but once we got there his nerves were really showing. that is just my boy. he is always enthusiastic but then his natural shyness and timidness take over. i wish i could take that anxiety and fear from his little heart. we all kept assuring him it would be fun, but my momma heart just wanted to scoop him up and hold him close. he did really well. though i think his nerves had fast hold of him the entire 45 mins. he emerged from that water shivering. he loves the ocean and he sure did love his boogey board this past summer, so hard as it may be, i need him to gain in his swimming skills to avoid any accidents this summer. i didn't want to make him any more nervous with my camera so hubby walked over to the other side of the pool and grabbed a few shots while i sat with casey.
i love this one in particular.
it makes my heart swell because i know how very hard this right here is for him. i know how hard his heart was probably pumping. but there he is doing it and not once asking to stop.
kellen momma loves you so. you are very brave.
we returned home. i glazed the cake. he ate 2 pieces. i was even more happy i made it then.
happy weekend everyone.


jodi said...

sounds like the best kind of day.

Creative Mom said...

Those lemons are beautiful, I can almost smell them.Your whole post makes me happy.

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I just got a little teary eyed at Kellen's braver and your words.
He seems like such a great kid from the way you describe him.

and oh that cake! I might have to make it, even though I have been asked to stop making such "heavy" foods by the husband. It's the weekend after all!

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

that should have read, bravery (and even that doesn't look right)

rebecca said...

our older boys sound pretty similar when it comes to the enthusiasm/shyness conundrum. i appreciated your thoughts, words and mama concern there. oh, and the cake to finish off the day sounds just perfect! i'll take 2 slices too, please. ;)

A Day That is Dessert said...

What a great day!

So proud of Kellen. And that cake, it's one of my faves.

Happy weekend to everyone in your household. xo

kristin said...

this cake is heaven. so fresh tasting, tricks my brain into thinking it is "light". :)

barb said...

yay for kellen!! my little maria is like a fish and i know she would just LOVE lessons. the cake is on my to-do list among other things... i had a feeling you'd appreciate those stems and leaves ;)

take care and have a great weekend!!

Enchante' said...

looks like a full fun day! Yayah!

Emom said...

A wonderful story....and mother you are....smiles.

angie said...

sounds like much joy was found in your day!

Leslie said...

Oh, those two sweet adorable! And that photo of Kellen at swimming lessons reminds me so much of my little guy doing the same thing!

kristin said...

thanks everyone