Thursday, April 21, 2011

looking forward

tomorrow we have friends arriving to stay the night and i am beyond excited they are coming! i have been trying to get these lovelies and their crews here for a few years now and tomorrow they will be here and we will have such fun and they will get to walk on my sandy beach and the kids can explore and hopefully find some great treasures to take home with them, and we will eat and laugh and maybe knit.... it just makes me happy. casey is super excited too because with the mommies come little friends, a sweet package deal. she keeps asking me "HOW MANY SLEEPS MUMMAH??!!!??" tonight we told her one more sleep, and well her smile said it all. hubby baked a few yummy loaves of bread for us to enjoy, i prepped a big tray of stuffed shells to go into the oven tomorrow, so i wouldn't need to waste any of our time together prepping it while they are here, and spring looks like she may show up a little tomorrow and shine some sun on us all. (today it hailed for a few minutes just to keep us in check.) and remember i said i wanted to "add gingham to my life"? well i took a little trip to my local goodwill the other day, my first trip out driving on my own since surgery, and tah-dah! there in the linens was a sweet vintage, soft, thin, green gingham top sheet!!!! score.
that treasure came home with me along with a cute pink sweater with a birdie on the shoulder. thrifting is such good cheap therapy. i am still feeling really well with my healing.
it has been a very good week.
happy friday everyone.


Barb said...

i'm so excited for you! i LOVE entertaining guests and having good eats. sure hope we get to hear all about it :) have fun kristin and so happy to hear you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

yay! you sound like an amazing hostess! i'm so glad to hear you're healing well, so good to hear. :)

Beth said...

The visit will aid in your healing in heartful ways.


beth said...

sometimes just having something, anything, to look forward to can make us so simply happy....

have a great time entertaining your friends.
happy easter !!

windrock studio said...

Such good news, Kristen. Visiting friends for everyone, expected sunshine, a hubby who bakes bread and a healing body! All good things. And don't you love when you put something out to the universe that you are wanting or needing and it shows up? especially at the thrift store!
Happy Easter