Friday, May 13, 2011

darn that blogger

blogger went down last night and did not come up til sometime this afternoon, so i was unable to access my comments and to top that off i am almost certain blogger lost many of the last comments as well. i remember looking at one point and there were 43 comments, then when blogger came back up there were only 31 comments. grrrrrrr, FRUSTRATING! by the time it came back online i was knee deep in prom here today.
SO i apologize for this late post, AND i truly apologize if your comment was one that got erased by blogger's mishap, but drumroll please....
after a random # generator the winner of the giveaway is Sarah.
congratulations sarah! i hope these 2 weeks at creativity boot camp feeds your spirit.
(sarah if you read this please email me so i can get you all set up)
thank you for all who commented and for those of you who did not win but are still wishing to join in the fun, it is not too late to gift yourself the e-course. you will not regret you did.

happy friday everyone.
it was a whirlwind day here at mi casa.... senior prom!
the dresses make such a beautiful rainbow.
thank goodness the sun decided to make this a gorgeous day for all the prom revelers.
now we moms and dads just want all of them to have fun and be safe out there...


barb said...

Blogger pissed me off too! Erased my last post. Oh well. And I remember my senior prom.... $20 dress and combat boots. Such fun times. Taylor will remember it forever.

mames said...

That is quite a rainbow, hope her night was great.
The blogger black out prompted me to look at squarespace and I think I am moving house this weekend. Been meaning to but that was the prompt I needed. :) wish me luck