Friday, May 06, 2011

happy seeking

happy by kristin~mainemomma
happy, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

the days have been grey, cold and wet. once again i was feeling on the moldy/moody side.
ebb and flow.
but today the sun is shining, the grass is greening, and i am making a list of happy.

rainbow sprinkles (always happy)
snail mail
lavender baby powder
my chapstick in "sliced peach" . my lips smell and taste a little like summertime. yum.
re watching some of my fave movies from "back in the day". thank you netflix. (recently re watched pretty in pink & breakfast club. i think stand by me is in order soon.)
hearing this on the radio yesterday. always makes me chair dance.
watching this sweet little time lapse full of hope. even plants dance in the sun.
how handsome my boy looked this morning as he left for school. 1st grade almost under his belt already. wow.
homemade gnocchi date night at home tonight with my guy
making raspberry stuffed crepes for my momma on saturday
and anticipating a sweet lazy momma's day sunday with my peeps

what is making you happy?


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

O has been requesting sprinkles on his morning meal- cheerios never looked so pretty...

windrock studio said...

Having some warm sunshine today! Really, it doesn't take much. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day.

cherish said...

Sleeping past 6am, good coffee, taking photos, warm baths and family hugs.

Brooke said...

prosciutto and pesto sandwiches
watching a film with the cat on my lap
relaxing after a full, satisfactory day
thinking of something to write in my journal
seeing a hawk flying below the treetops today
a vacuumed rug
garage sales

happy mother's day, kristin!