Wednesday, May 25, 2011


my friend amy posted a photo today and under it she wrote,
"1 day of sunshine can cancel out 12 straight days of rain"
i felt my shoulders loosen and myself exhale thinking yes amy, oh yes it can.

intoxicating by kristin~mainemomma

DSC_7702 by kristin~mainemomma

hello spring.
you know i love you right?


betsy said...

that amy is a smart cookie. you too. this day was everything we needed it to be. happy spring, k! xx

Anonymous said...

living where it rains, nonstop, most of the year, I have likened the sunshine to a toddler's sweet smile after a lengthy screaming tantrum: sunshine is the balm for my soggy soul to be sure (and I need some sun! and I'll take 15 minutes about now)

Kristin said...

oh how true this is. i live in such a rainy climate so i totally believe this! thanks for injecting some sunshine in my day, it sure didn't happen in our sky today!

.30goingnorth. said...

So true! It was 84 and beautiful yesterday. Rain the day before and storms today, but yesterday was totally worth it. :)

Life in Eden said...

oh yes, I thought the same.

love your spring header.