Friday, June 17, 2011

another year in the bag... or in this case, backback.

last day by kristin~mainemomma
last day, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

this was thursday morning.
he with that great head of morning hair he has, his wardrobe picked out on his own (they both have dressed themselves for years now) the ties, well i think i have talked about them here before, the principal at his elementary school initiated a "dress for success program" this year. kellen took it and ran! he loves ties now. he owns quite a collection. in his shorts, white shirt and tie he kind of resembles angus from ACDC which makes me smile... anyway i am rambling here, this was thursday. his last official day of 1st grade. technically he is now a 2nd grader. eeeep! he rocked 1st grade. he is a very good student, but what is most striking is how his teachers talk of his kindness and the boy he is. he brought home his report card and i only got through the first line in the comments and broke out in tears by the words his teacher had written just for him. i know how kind he is, i am blessed to witness it every day, but then when you hear it or see it in print from others, it really touches my heart. i struggled so much with sending him to public school for this very reason, his tenderness, his kindness, i feared how it might change him. but on the other hand i know that he makes the world a better place just by being him.

kellen we are so very proud of you!
here's to a wonderful summer vacation.
may you catch many waves on the beach this year.


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Brooke said...

That is so, so sweet. He looks like a very kind person and they are so nice to have around. :) They leaven the dough.

He also looks like how my nephew might look in a few years and it gave me pause.