Wednesday, June 29, 2011


last year they took out my favorite game, whack~a~mole. :( then this winter they took down our ferris wheel. double :(
it was this grand purplish wheel with flashing lights all over it called the Sunwheel. it was kind of iconic (to me anyway)... it defined the landscape at the beach. the view from the top was awesome. you would look down on the miles of sandy beach, the pier, the people, very cool. if you were meeting us for the fireworks on thursday nights in summer i would tell you," we will be on the beach right by the ferris wheel." so when this summer began and the playland opened with no ferris wheel, i was sad. take down something else, but not the ferris wheel. i love taking photos of it. i love riding it. i especially love the story of 2 summers ago when my mom, kellen, casey and i got on it and figured we would go around 3 or 4 times and get off. well our ferris wheel operator guy was either a-very generous, or b- completely inattentive, but we were on that ride for possibly 20-30 minutes!!! each time we would get near the bottom i would think he is going to stop it now... nope... around we would go again.... ok surely THIS time he is going to stop it and let us off....nope... it became hilarious. i was waiting for the candid camera guy to pop up. we were all in hysterics. the kids were watching the attendant with hawk eyes and every time we went around again they would burst into fits laughter. i actually had to lean out the seat get his attention and ask to get off the thing! we were on there so long i had to pee for goodness sake! so you see, that ferris wheel and i, we have history, good history, funny history. so you can see my sadness this summer with no wheel.

well i am happy to report just this past sunday a crane appeared downtown and hanging from it? a new ferris wheel! YAY! not our old one, a new white one. as of yesterday it was in wheel form but no seats just yet, so we are on a wheel watch around my house. i am hoping that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow (thursday) it will not rain and you will find us "on the beach by the ferris wheel" watching the fireworks and making new memories with our new wheel.

(still no whack~a~mole, but at least we still have skeeball. :))

best ever! by kristin~mainemomma
ferris wheel faces...

ferris wheel face by kristin~mainemomma
aren't they the best?!.


Diane said...

Great story!!

Grace to You said...

What beach is that? I live in Union, near Rockland, but I haven't heard of a beachside ferris wheel in Maine before. Would love to go!

I guess I should tell you I've been lurking on your blog for a while now, via Shutter Sisters. :) I couldn't resist getting a peek at the life of a Mainer. I'm just a wanna-be from the South. :) But I've made it through 4 winters now and still love Maine as much as I did the day we arrived, when it was 75 degrees in August!! haha

Jill said...

I rode the Ferris wheel for the first time in many years at Knoebels in June. Each time we went around, I kept thinking, "Please not now . . . don't stop it now," but sadly after a ten minutes, the ride came to an end. Could have ridden on it all day!

Cynthia said...

hahahaha.. I love that story! I can just see the kids anticipating getting off the ride and then round and round you all went.

Oh your kids... they make my heart beat with happiness.

Andrea said...

Those are two happy faces! I read this and realized I've never been on a ferris wheel. High time (pun intended!) I take a ride. :)

Summer said...

I recently discovered your blog from the Shutter Sister's website. Your photos are exquisite and your stories match.

Thank you for sharing.