Friday, June 10, 2011

it's friday i'm in love

the past 2 days we have picked kellen up after school and spent an hour or more at the beach before dinner. it has been so wonderful. k and c run and play and build something in the sand only to watch the waves crash over it. we lay on our blanket watching them, reading a book in between moments, returning home salty, hungry and a good tired. we have been cooking on the grill and eating outside. last night a big thunderstorm rolled in while we were at the beach. we rushed to the jeep (the top is down these days) it is exhilarating thinking we might not beat the clouds and instead get caught in a deluge while driving... last night we beat the rain. we got home, grabbed the laundry from the line (phew!) the skies darkened and we watched and listened to the storm. i love a summer storm like that. the day had been very hot and dry so you know the earth was happy for the rain. this morning that rain brought cool air. our windows are all wide open, the sheers dancing on the breezes and sunlight is filling the house. i woke at 4:50 am (never ever happens. a morning girl i am NOT.) but the sky was a bright red with wisps of pink emerging as the sun was rising. i almost got dressed and drove to the beach it was that beautiful, but kellen still has school and i feared waking the whole house at 5am on a school day. another time this summer i will wake the house and we will make a trip of it. a thermos of coffee, maybe some muffins and a blanket and watch the sun rise together. i have witnessed that beauty a few times while living here, it is always stunning. i want to share that with them, even if waking them up that early makes them grumpy, i think they will be happy once we are there.
well as this rambling post shows i am a bit in love with our early summer. i am so looking forward to school being over so we can have many more adventures and lazy days together. and these beautiful sunny days we have waited so very long for are beyond wonderful.
happy weekend everyone.

i am leaving you with a cute youtube video.
would more people take the stairs if they were fun???
watch and see.


Juanita said...

Sunrise and hot coffee... sounds good!

It was proven that more people DID take the stairs as a result of them being cooler with the sounds and all, so that must mean even adults still want to make things fun! :-)

Now, how would they make filling in tax forms more fun...I'm thinking free chocolate incentives...

Cynthia said...

like most things...summer by you sounds magical!

ml68 said...

a slight "the cure" reference perhaps?

Corinne said...

I like your idea of watching the sunrise. In the last week I've not been sleeping well, and have seen the sky brighten through the curtains of my bedroom window at 4 AM. The next time this happens, I plan on joining you - coffee is a must - in watching the sunrise. I will embrace it and not begrudge the gift I'm being given.