Friday, July 29, 2011


yes we play with our food here. :)
melon slices lead to silly sweet sticky fun.
our first watermelon this summer.

kellen and my hubby leave for their very first boy scout camping adventure in the morning. i wish i could be a fly on the wall of their tent. i know they are going to have a blast together! just the "guys". yes i am a tad jealous... but also so very proud of both my boys and happy they get this weekend fun just the 2 of them. one on one time is SO rare in our home, and SO very special when it happens. i am sure there will be many smiles and stories when they return home.
me? i plan on finally getting myself to the farmers market in town tomorrow morning. hoping to bring home some yummy fruits and veggies. casey will love seeing all the flowers and there are usually fun jugglers to watch as well. i have to remember to put our swim suits on under our clothes, we may as well hit the fountains in the park while we are there for some summer splash time.

in news of the silly and completely unimportant, my hair is almost long enough for a ponytail!(exciting news yes i know... lol) it has been approximately 10 whole years since i have had hair anywhere near long enough to pull up in a ponytail. see i have a set of clippers and i am not afraid to use them. the story never changes. i get tired of my short hair, i try to grow it out, it starts to get in my eyes, i chop it all off, repeat. i have not had it THIS long in what feels like forever. the other night i managed to pull it up in 2 pigtails. yes i said pigtails... hubby thought i was "adorable". adorable is good. before i used to think my long hair made me look dowdy, but lately i am feeling like it is making me look and feel a bit younger. who knows, maybe this new found love for longer locks will not last, but i am more determined than ever to just let it grow. i would love braids... a girl has to have a goal right? :) (oh my best girlfriend is gonna kill me when she reads that.. she is a short hair girl and my hair inspiration when i went so short years ago. xo jen!)

happy friday everyone.
are you still soaking up summertime?
can you believe August is upon us?!?! eeep!


gkgirl said...

Love the watermelon smiles!

Maegan Beishline said...

Yay for Daddy/Son time, farmer's markets, and pony tails!!! I completely know what you mean...this in between stage of hair growth is a pain! My hair is just starting to grow out from my donation chop and I've considered considered re-chopping multiple times.