Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i just now realized that i turn FORTY in 6 months.
and yet somehow it feels just about right. so many changes, shifts and awakenings have been happening this past year, i now feel like it is all meant to be just as it is. a preparation of sorts. closure to this decade of my life and the beginning of a new one. in my 20's i took so much for granted, worked hard and had fun. my 30's was full of many ups and downs, i am ready to send them off. i am hopeful my 40's will bring me closer to a place of inner peace and balance. A new chapter for my family as all our kids will now be school age. A time when my creative life takes flight in ways i have not even dreamed yet. i am not feeling panic at the thought of this new number, instead i feel a bit excited as i type out these words.
my hubby and i have been embarking on much healthier eating habits lately. we bought a juicer, i love it. i have a mini goal to try and reach by my 40th birthday. if i come close i will be so very pleased. my husband also turns 40, 2 weeks before i do. we have dreams of a mini adult getaway to celebrate properly. i hope we can make that happen. he and i have only had 1 kidless vaca in 15 years together, and though i love my children, i also relished that vacation he and i took solo so long ago.

so let the countdown commence. the clock waits for no one. 6 months and counting...
40 here i come.


xanthe said...

Embrace the future! that's such an important step in the right direction. I can't wait to be forty (still two years to go) as I feel this will be the time to fly, the 30's have been an up hill struggle.
Juicing! I too started again this week, gonna try to keep it up, I love the juice just not the cleaning of the machine! big love x.

nic hildebrandt said...

wait until people say... "you are FOURTY, what??? you are kidding!!!"

but seriously... i know what you mean. for me personally (i turned 40 last year) it was not so much about the getting older itself, about the wrinkles and hanging bo*ps... it was about the feeling that i somehow crossed a peak. like i have lived (statistically) half of my live and that now times are getting shorter.

as being a optistical person, i decided that my glass is still half FULL instead of half empty.

... and after all... i really do believe the 40s are great! they are. they bring freedom, wisdom and self-conciousness. we are what we are and we are beautiful the way we are.

you are beautiful and you will be even more beautiful at 40, kristin!


Jill said...

I still get a certain thrill when my students' eyes bug out when I tell them how old I am or when people learn how old the Girls are. 40 is pretty damn awesome if you ask me . . . claim that age (but let the healthy eating habits go on your actual birthday . . . you deserve a birthday pie or two).

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

YES to the 40-year olds getaway!! i am trying to think of ANY reason for me and ken to do that. soon. [it's Thursday, let's go stay in a hotel!!]

i cannot wait to watch your creative process take flight while the kids are away. <3

Sandy Addison said...

I turned 40 a few weeks ago and everyone keeps asking me what is it like to be 40. But the truth is it not too much different for me - just older and hopefully wiser. Hope you get your break away and embrace all that 40 has to bring you

Laura Yurs said...

Love how you are embracing the future!! Love watching you come into your own!! So excited to share the journey with you! Big love to you my friend!

Leslie said...

Ah, 40 seems so young to me :-) It is interesting to think about how quickly time goes by...and if you're like me, it don't FEEL as old as I really am. I know you'll rock your 40s, no matter where you go and what you do. And the juicer sounds great...we were just talking about that last night. What kind did you buy?