Friday, August 26, 2011

first days

the same little blonde girl i put on a bus to kindergarten, just yesterday i swear, is now packing her room and moving to college. tomorrow.
looking at this photo it really does not at all seem possible that that is really happening.
but it is. and how strange it is. and of course i am already worrying. a lot.
but see this is the deal we signed on for as mommas. they grow up and they leave. and we watch, and hope, and worry, and wish them well, and wrap them in imaginary bubble wrap so they don't get hurt. but of course they will. they will stumble and fall and all we can hope is that they have the tools to get back up and brush themselves off and keep going. onward. upward. growing. learning. living. loving. exploring.
be good little one. be kind. be happy. be curious. be silly. be smart. be safe. please. please. please.
have fun. don't eat too many twizzlers. make new friends. LOTS of them. do your best. be on time. have adventures. work hard. be amazed. be open. find your passion. make YOURSELF proud (and of course i will be proud with you).wish BIG.
clean you room! ;)
the world is big and waiting.
know that i love you....
even when i nag....(especially then)
xo taylor.

ps. call your mother ;)


jodi said...


Amy said...

oh my heart.
it's all so much to take in.

Karina said...

So many of my friends have been having these same feelings the past few weeks as their first born kids head off to college. I've got another 8 years (benefit of being older before having kids)....but I'm already worried just thinking about it (and her soon transition to middle school).

You gave your lovely daughter some wonderful words of wisdom - and now she is prepared to go and face the world - gulp.

Jill said...

Best of luck to both of you! We dropped the Girls off two years ago today (thank you, Facebook, for the reminder), and it has been a strange, fun trip. I love your words of wisdom (and I kind of think that Taylor will, too).

Leslie said...

Hugs to you! Hope all is well.

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

this is beautiful, momma. best wishes to both of you! xxo