Tuesday, August 16, 2011

letter to my momma

today is the day...
and there is so much left unsaid, not that i do not want to say it, just that i can't, not right now. for i know if i open my mouth and try i will just break into tiny pieces and fall apart, and i am trying oh so hard to hold it together, so instead i come here to say what i can't voice, but want you to know.
thank you.
thank you for coming, for staying(almost 5 whole years), for being oh so very cold and snow bound when you dislike both. for playing, for coloring, for kicking ball, for hunting beach treasures, for swinging little ones over waves, for getting down and being their friend, their love, their nanny. thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement on all the days, good and bad and back again. thanks for the help on the sick days and your cheer leading in the big moments. for the date nights and the pizza "hunts". for the chocolate cakes and coconut cream pies. for letting us lean on you, never complaining once.
thank you.
love love love love love love love you.
with all my heart
and with all of theirs.
travel safe and steady.
and may you land with your feet in warm sands and warmer surf. find new beach treasures.
until we see you again, soon.
thank you mom.
i love you,


Anonymous said...

beautifully written, so much love in your words.

Jill said...

I think I love your mom after reading that. Hope she has safe travels and you get to see her soon. I'm pretty sure that her winters might be a nice break from yours next year :)

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

i'm in tears. beautiful post, kristin. your mom is one of a kind. xoxo

xanthe said...

xo you. (((hugs)))

jodi said...

oh, goodness. xoxo

Rose said...

Great post. This made me want to drop everything and call my mom to tell her I love her. Thanks for sharing.