Tuesday, August 02, 2011

changes & shifts... hello august

oh august.
i am not sure my words will come this month. it is going to be a month packed full of many big changes and shifts for my little family. bittersweet in many ways, so i may be absent from this space a lot this month, taking time to process and accept all august brings.

for starters my mom will soon be on her way on her new journey. she has sold her place here and will be moving far south to sunny fl. the climate will be so very good for her. winters in maine are harsh. economy in maine is tough. i am happy knowing she will be in a good place for her, but saying goodbye is never ever easy. not for me, or her, or the kids. we will just look forward to the visits and a warm sunny place to escape to come february when we have all had our fill of winter here. we have been blessed to have her here with us for 5 years. that was a gift. dwelling on the goodbye is just hard, so instead i prefer, "see you soon"...

then 2 short weeks after that, our eldest daughter departs on the beginning of her new journey, college life. she will be moving into a dorm, her first move away from home. oh i remember the excitement and freedom and joy of being 18 and going away to college, i know she is feeling all this and waiting the next few weeks will probably feel like an eternity for her. one leaving the nest, my first born. big stuff. big changes not just for me, but her much younger siblings. her little brother and sister adjusting to "sissy" no longer being here in our every day to day life.

then to add to all this change, (as if those first 2 weren't enough) our youngest is now 5 years old and will be embarking into kindergarten. she is so very ready. she has been ready since her big brother began school 2 years ago. seeing them walk in to school together, big backpacks on tiny tiny shoulders, my heart might just burst. yes i do believe it will. and after they walk away into school i will return to an empty home for the very first time in 5 years. that is huge.

so you see there is a lot of spreading of wings, taking flight and leaving happening around here this month. my heart is in my throat already. emotions are right there just under the surface of my smile. tears fall at unexpected times as i catch my breath... taking each new day as it comes and trying to savor each moment of beauty in those days. like that tiny foot above in my small hand; moments of painting tiny toes, jumping waves and building sand castles as we savor these final days of summer vacation, and preparing for these transitions ahead..

as august comes and goes and summer ends, it will not be just the season changing for us here. no, it is so much more than that.



jodi said...

oh my goodness. so much is happening! hang in there, momma. xo

Kimberly June said...

Wow. You have a major season of change ahead of you. Sending you a handful of strength and a hug from a stranger.

kristen said...

yes momma. thinking of you. xo.

Andrea said...

You do have some huge changes coming up! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Woodspritemama said...

such heart busting beautifulness....hope you find a way to navigate a path back to parts of yourself that are just waiting for a little love...hugs to you momma.

xanthe said...

oh mama, emotions running high with the these big shifts to your life, hold on to the memories and breathe through the changes. not easy I know, be strong lovely. we're all here thinking of you xoxoxox

Jim said...


Hey! I am new to your blog but absolutely love it. My wife and I are going through many of the same changes in life as you are. Our oldest son is off to college this year as well. My wife is taking it pretty hard. We also have a new edition to our household...my beautiful angel, Megan just turned 14mths old. My parents also live in Florida and I find it hard because I want them close to their grandchildren as well. I can tell you this...it does get easier. Our thoughts and prayers go with you as well through these times of changes. Jim.

Leslie said...

Oh, I have a lump in my throat as I think of all your changes...and mine, too! Changes like this are so hard and do take some getting used to. Hope all goes well for you in the next few weeks. Many hugs!

Papillon Sky Photography said...

oh kristin,
wow! that is a lot to have happen at once. as much as i wish for some time to myself, i think even that would put lots of tears in my eyes too! maybe you need to shop around for a gallery to host a photo show of your amazing work. you can then be spending your time printing and framing and spreading your wings too!
sending you lots of love!!!

Brooke said...

so many changes happening ~ best to you as you navigate these events and enjoy each experience for everything it has to offer.

those painted 5-color-pink toes melt me!

jackie said...

oh oh oh my! i did not realize your daughter was heading to college! i thought she was the same age as my middle one. shoot we're in the same boat - we take marshall, our oldest, to college next week. but goodness we're not sending one to kindergarden or saying goodbye to grandma. Big Hugs Kristin!!!!