Wednesday, August 03, 2011

once a summer.

playland by kristin~mainemomma
playland, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

we live in a state coined "vacationland" and in a town with a palace playland... this comes with all the trappings a playland should have. that can make living just over a mile from one quite a temptation for little ones. i have to say my kids are pretty great at resisting and not whining about going. every week we head right into the thick of all of it to watch the fireworks on the beach and they do not beg for stuff. they know we are going for the fireworks only. they really do make me proud, they certainly could be those kids pitching a fit right there in the sand yelling and screaming for stuff. i am so glad that is not the case. so though we usually avoid the playland and all that craziness, once a summer we do it up. today was that day.

there was:

  • all day ride passes. we went after lunch and then back again after dinner.
  • some firsts... kellen's first roller coaster ride, bumper car ride and log flume ride. ( i got wet. it was SO worth it)
  • bag of pink cotton candy
  • one caramel apple with rainbow sprinkles
  • a photobooth strip
  • a ride on our new ferris wheel. note to playland: that thing goes WAY too fast people!!! i like to enjoy the view from up top. it is beautiful, but kind of hard to see at the speed they have that thing moving.
  • more rides... casey loved the cars and motorcycles... kellen loved the giant slide. he rode it 7 times in a row.
  • and then a night swim in the complete darkness. my fearless boy went swimming in the ocean at night! who knew he would turn out to be such a water lover?!?!
it was an epic summer day and night.


Kathleen Clemons said...

My parents used to take us to Palace Playland once a summer, it was right up there with Christmas as far as excitement goes. Thanks for stirring the memories. :)


missing moments said...

wonderful summer memories!

Leslie said...

How very fun! I love those photobooth strips but we don't find many photobooths around here. You are so lucky to have the beach at your back door!

Sandy Addison said...

That sound like a fun day

Linda Jacobs said...

Yes, it's a great area. I know the tourists are necessary for the economy but I just can't wait for them to leave so I can have my beach back! My granddaughter is coming for a visit this week and we'll hit Palace Playland, too. Like you...once a year!