Saturday, September 03, 2011

first friday

pie by kristin~mainemomma
pie, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

Hubby and I have made it to 2 First Friday Art Walks in a row now... (woot!) So glad we are making a point of getting there. It is truly the bomb. We FINALLY got to try some of the infamous Otto's pizza. the place is tiny and the line was out the door (always a good sign). We ordered just a plain cheese for us all to share. It was perfectly thin, crisp and greasy. Delicious! Next time I am SO getting the mashed potato pizza I keep hearing everyone rave about. Potatoes and pizza? Can you say comfort food?
We met up (and then lost) our flickr friends. It was great to see them. There were the usual faves of fire jugglers, hula hoopers, bike parade, and so many street musicians. Banjos, violins, accordions, guitars, one musical saw, (yes a real saw)and a rock band at the tattoo shop. lead singer and guitar player was a woman. Science teacher by day ~ super cool rock star by night. The tattoo shop (Peek-a-boo Tattoo) had a drawing for $150.00 in ink!!!! hubby entered me.. oh I hope I win!!!! There was this group of wood xylophone players down one of the side streets. You could almost hear them through the whole art walk. The music coming from that street was BEAUTIFUL. we saw the roller derby girls on their skates. note to self: must catch a match soon.. 1 Pizza,1 piece of whoopee pie cake (for kellen) and 1 red velvet cupcake (for casey) were consumed. We ended the night down by the Dark Follies before heading home. I hate to admit it, or even type this, but i do think it is that dreaded time of year... the top needs to go back on the jeep. :( that is truly a sign that summer is over. The ride home (even under a blanket) was quite a chilly one.

happy weekend everyone.

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Jill said...

Yay for First Fridays (haven't been to one in a while here in the 'Burg)! Boo for Jeep tops (autumn will be here in about three weeks)! Keeping my fingers crossed for the tattoo gift certificate . . . because that would be awesome.

{Amy} said... velvet cupcakes! how cool would it be to win the tat gift certificate! i have a whole board on pinterest for such an occasion : ) not ready for tops to be back on jeeps but definitely ready for coller weather!

Marcie said...

I love 'First Fridays'. Always so inspiring!!!