Sunday, November 06, 2011

a good weekend

two by <span class=kristin~mainemomma">
two, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr

Saturday we spent in hibernation mode. L A Z Y. we ate a lot too.
we made up for that today and went out for a walk.
we are super lucky, we can walk from the woods to the ocean. the kids had no idea where the trail went... when they figured it out they were pretty stoked. we walked the beach and i found a heart shaped rock. i was excited, it had been awhile since i had found one... not 1 minute later jason hands me another heart. a SEAGLASS one! he wins.
we came home, had lunch, and then hit the yard for round 2 of leaf raking gathering dumping session... i do love our big trees. such beautiful shade in the summer, such gorgeous color in the fall... but when they let go and come down it is weeks til we get done with the clean up. ugh. but again, saturday was our lazy day, today was our fresh air, sunshine and hard work day... kellen and casey are the best helpers ever. those 2 lug leaves like no body's business. they are hard workers.
i think i will sleep good tonight.
what did you do with your weekend?


Nanette Gordon-Cramton said...

Such lucky finds! I am in the Maine mountains but long for the ocean and its gifts! Enjoy!

Emom said...

Love sea glass.....smiles

Molly said...

a sea glass heart - score! and you've reminded me, i've got to go out and rake some leaves :)