Friday, December 30, 2011

one last day

today is my last day to help raise money for my new year's day lobster dip. tomorrow i pre-register and hand in all my information and monies raised.

i set my goal high this year at $1,000.00 and with all the amazing love and support of friends and family i am so very pleased to report that as of right now my total amount raised is $1,527.00!!! that is beyond my dreams. thank you so very much. and if you like the donation link is still open all day today and into tomorrow. sunday at noon i will venture down to the beach with my friend and fellow dipper and we will say hello to the ocean for all of you. all the support and encouragement i have been so blessed to receive last year and this year gives me the courage to be way crazier than i ever am on a "normal" day. i rarely swim in that ocean in august let alone january first!!! but it is an honor to be able to do it, and i am honored by all of you who have helped me make this grand gift for Maine's Special Olympics.
thank you.

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soonie2 said...

Best of luck on Sunday. Hope you have many warm blankets ready!