Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday story

i love when photos seems to want to be together. i do not "style" my photos, no, i am far too lazy. :) but some days when i see what i uploaded , i notice a common thread or color and i like to put them together.
today was one of those days. the colors in my fabrics and the colors of the orange slices were a pretty match.
today was sunny and cold.
i woke, showered and promptly put my pj's back on (fresh t-shirt and undies. i was comfy not gross.). kids and daddy had a serious lego project going on, not my forte, so while they did that, i moved my bedroom furniture around for a much needed deep cleaning under the bed. (if you ever visit, do not look under the beds. please. ugh.) feeling motivated and on a roll, i dug out my sewing machine and 9 squares (that just happened to be hiding under my bed. go figure.) and got to finally finishing them. i love to sew a quilt, i DO NOT love ironing all those tiny seams! oh my brain.after that, i wanted something sweet, and remembered just the other day while reading "The Daring Book for Girls" with Casey, i spied a recipe for shortbread in it. I grabbed her book, compared that recipe to my ever trusty ATK cookbook and set to work making shortbread. This is the very first time i have ever made shortbread. both recipes explained how to combine your very simple ingredients and then both said flour your surface and roll dough... they lied! after much trying and everything crumbling and turning to shortbread dust, i threw in the towel on the rolling, i was so frustrated i almost swept it all into the trash (can you say temper tantrum? obviously i can.) but instead i had a mini light bulb moment and grabbed a pie plate, swept the sugary crumbs into the plate and pressed hard. i threw it in the oven hoping something yummy would come out, and 45 minutes later it did. (yay!) i brewed myself a cup of tea and had a slice with some orange pieces. YUM. the kids and hubby loved it too. success.

so this was our sunday. a pretty darn good one. i hope yours was too.


kollene carlsson said...

oh wow... what a beautiful day you had! ok... well maybe not the tricky shortbread part... ha... but glad it worked out... and how nice the colors in your beautiful photographs! Hope your week is just as happy!

Soonie2 said...

I love a story with a happy ending...and I love the fabric combination in your quilt - so warm and golden!

Cynthia said...

your sunday sounds like perfection! Would you add nutella to that shortbread?

Oh my goodness I don't even want to mention the temper tantrum I had on Saturday.. it wasn't pretty.

Kirstin said...

I love it that you are sunday moments person too. This story so wonderful. And we love those daring books too. x

Christina said...

im so glad that i found you here. what a beautiful day,