Saturday, March 03, 2012

making room

i promise i could not make up the events my little family has powered through since january. a round of the flu the first of the year, then feb was ushered in with a very sick boy with an upper respiratory infection, and me with a sore throat viral infection, then a quick stomach bug for casey, and then pink eye for casey (perhaps the 2 were tied together now that i think about it) , then i came down with double pink eye, still with the throat issue, and to cap it all off, casey got the full blown stomach flu this week. 3 days of lethargy and vomiting all wed - friday. march arrived with a snow storm blanketing all that bare earth. late last night my son began with his turn, vomiting all over the bed. :( about 30 mins later, my turn began. did i mention that my husband started a new job in the middle of all of this? yep. which is a very positive thing, but of course means adjustment for everyone. so today i have made a decision for the mental and physical health of my family, i am unplugging as much as possible. i am letting go of posting here for undetermined amount of time.
we need a serious breather and respite from all this illness. i am exhausted. we ALL are.

i look at this picture of our old prayer flags amongst the lushness of our big trees out back, sunshine streaming in, and i feel my shoulders relax a little. i know these sunny days will come, i know we will be outdoors playing, i know we will be able to open up windows and let the fresh air in. i know all this is true, but lately all of that feels further and further from our grasp, physically and emotionally. life is taking a toll and i need to make room, take time, heal & rest.

today, like many times in my life, i clicked over to a link and felt that familiar nod from the universe. i had not clicked over to this space for awhile, but today i did and this was there... so perfectly fitting. yes.

so for now i wish you a beautiful healthy march.

i will return soon, a healthier renewed me with a healthy happy family.


Andrea said...

Oh my, you have been hit hard! I hope March brings your family relief from the bugs out there and some must needed rest.
Will look forward to "seeing" you in April. (Will is really be April soon?!)

beth lehman said...

Will miss you - but it sounds like this is just what you need!

Alison Bents said...

Wishing you nothing but health, wellness, happiness and a return to full. xxoo - feel better, all of you!

pencilfox said...

wishes and prayers on prayer flags fluttering in sunny breezes....

shall see you later.

Emom said...

wise words...take care of you....which mothers rarely do....smiles

Corinna said...

Hope you and yours are on the mend and will soon be rested and revitalized. Be well. xo