Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NOW YOU :: The eCourse

Through photography we express emotions, thoughts, and forever capture moments in a click. Most days focusing on the beauty before us and around us, not within us. Self portraiture is a journey. I turn the camera on myself to document a day, a time, a feeling, or a need to be seen. As a mom and a photographer I fully admit that I once hid behind my camera. Slowly I began turning the lens on myself, not for others, (though surely my children will one day appreciate them) but for me alone. In doing so I was able to dig a little deeper, accept myself with a better kindness, acknowledge the hard days, the sick days, and even pain, as well as the joy. Seeing beauty in the lines, the wrinkles, the stretchmarks. The stories that are mine alone. Lessons come from being on the other side of the lens. Being seen is as important as sharing your voice. I have found I am worthy. So are you.

Today I am excited to announce the launch of NOW YOU website and a first in a series of self portraiture eCourses co-created with my friend, artist, and fellow photographer Meredith Winn.

NOW mantra: Empowerment through photography can be life changing. It’s through self-portraiture that we learn to look kindly at ourselves. Let your camera guide you. The goal of NOW is inspiration, empowerment, and confidence building through photography.

NOW YOU:: The Beginning is a 6 week introductory e-course that will turn your camera lens inward as we explore the everyday beauty of self portraits. This workshop will be a fun environment in which to safely jump into the world of self portraiture.

Description of class:

  • six weeks of online collaboration
  • class begins Monday April 23, and ends Friday June 1, 2012
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday prompts delivered to your inbox
  • Friday fun! Password protected video from Kristin & Meredith with the weeks overview
  • Private flickr group to share your self portrait journey and access our group discussions
Weekly themes to be explored in NOW YOU :: The Beginning
  • details of you
  • roots and wings
  • reflections
  • whimsy
  • at arms length
  • eye contact
Class Materials:
  • camera
  • self ~ brave beautiful you.
Registration opens today!
Be sure to check out our website www.nowyouworkshops.com for more details like who we are, pricing and how to register, details about the e-course, and other faq's.
Class size is limited, so click on over to read more and reserve your spot in class!

Registration open :: March 27- April 22, 2012
Limited class size :: register early to reserve your spot!
The self portrait journey begins :: Monday April 23, 2012

Are you ready to be find that brave beautiful you that dwells inside? We understand the importance of creating a safe environment to explore your image of self. Your one and only job is to come fully open; open heart, open mind. Set yourself free of expectation and judgment. Seek and find yourself through your lens.

Meredith and I are so very excited to get started...
We hope to see you there!

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