Monday, April 02, 2012

becoming six

92 by kristin~mainemomma
92, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

this weekend was full
our baby turned six.
no one left in our home that can count their age on one hand. (bittersweet)
five to six was an amazing year for this little one. she is pretty fantastic! full of life and laughter, spunk and sass, and all songs and dance. she is tiny in size but big on personality. she loves life! she wakes each day with a smile on her face eager to go to school to see her friends and learn learn learn. her brain has exploded this past year with words and reading. she devours books. she is a great writer as well. she even says, "words are my thing." no one disagrees. on saturday she had her very first friend party ever. 4 sweet girls from her class came and played and crafted and laughed. we made buntings out of felt and glitter, bead necklaces, and painted faces (4 butterflies & 1 ladybug). sunday was her actual birthday. morning was sweet with funny shaped pancakes. a number 6, a flower and a heart shaped one for her. there were gifts and handmade cards. kellen made her a card and then went and stuffed a dollar out of his own allowance in it for her. unprompted. that is him to a T. he was genuinely happy for her all weekend long, sharing in her joy and excitement. he couldn't wait for her to open his gift of "girl legos". she asked for cheeseburgers for dinner and a store bought cake. this was the first time ever i did not bake her cake, but birthday girls get their birthday wishes, and she wished for a "fancy chocolate cake" from the store. (i do hope next year she changes her mind on that) we did bake and decorate cupcakes together for her to take to school this morning. chocolate with pink frosting and lots of colorful sprinkles.

she is a special one this girl of mine. i think she felt very special turning six.

happy birthday sweet casey.
you amaze your daddy and i every day.
your spirit is full of sunshine and happiness. may you forever keep that.

and may your birthday wishes come true.

love "mummah"


pencilfox said...

"words are my thing." i love that.

the whole complete post touched my heart and blessed my soul.

Jill said...

I love the look of pure joy on her brother's face . . . and that words are her thing. Must take after her mamma.

Corinna said...

Wow Kristin - this post gives me all kinds of goosebumps. I want to go to her birthday party and craft with you too! Sounds like you have a very special one on your hands.

Happy birthday to YOU, Momma.